Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Battle Report: July 29th

Another week, another war in Minaria. This game was just a quick two-player one between Werepuppy(as Shucassam and later Rombune) and myself(as Immer). Early on, Immer managed to get Muetar and Hothior as allies. Shucassam gained Rombune and summoned barbarians to aid their campaigns. From here, we begin. 

The most pivotal early battle in this session happens just outside Beolon on the Downs. A roughly even fight between the massed forces of Immer and the Shucassami alliance, ends poorly for Shucassam. With the monarch of the desert kingdom perishing in the battle. Shucassam falls into confusion, its attempt at hegemony failed. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Battle Report: July 22nd

Again we come to Minaria. This week is actually a continuation from the July 1st game, between lastRedoubt, Jared, and yours truly. Who are playing as, the Trolls, Pon and, the Black Hand respectively. 

Last time, Pon was far and ahead in the lead in both power and victory points. They count both Shucassam and Muetar as their allies. The Trolls were second in power but, had allied themselves with Zorn and Hothior. The Black Hand is last, having lost allies left and right, including Shucassam and Immer. From here, we begin. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Battle Report: July 16th

Alright after a brief hiatus last week, we have another battle report this week. Where Aerospyke, Jared, Werepuppy and, yours truly vie for the dominance of Minaria through our avatars. Who are the monarchs of the Dwarven kingdom, Zorn, Mivior and, the Elvish kingdom. From here, we begin.

In the far northern reaches of the great forest of Neuth, the Elves move against the Dwarves at their outpost of Aws Noir.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Spudbox wanted to know about my inspiration. The dictionary definition isn't that different from "motivation": the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. What is it really?

It also means "where do your ideas come from?" Let me see if I can answer that more interesting question now that I've completed the title screen music.

First I looked at the title screen art. This image has been featured on this blog before. (Hat tip HereAndNow.)

What stands out here? The light shining down from the heavens through the tower to the statues staring down onto the monarch, and monarch looking up at the statues. I get a sense of the monarch being aware of this exact moment in history, and comparing himself to the great men of the past. Also, the light, the tower, and the army signify the marriage of martial and magical forces.
The image evokes physical sensations as well. Between the stone and the light, a sense of brightness and heaviness, all at once.

Do I think about this consciously? No. I'm observing my emotional reactions and how my eyes follow the various elements on the screen.

Then I studied the game's lore. An ancient empire. The Scarlet Witch King. The Cataclysm. The Fall of the Lloroi. Barbarian tribes becoming kingdoms. The war for Minaria. In all this, the fall of the Lloroi stood out. It sets up everything that follows - perfect for the title screen. Now I was working with light, stone, magic, war, and the fall of an ancient, powerful race.

Keeping these elements in mind, I wrote this piece.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Battle Report: July 1st

Another week of war in the world of Minaria. This week is a three way struggle between the kingdoms of the Trolls, Pon and the Black Hand. Who are played by special guest lastRedoubt, Jared and, yours truly respectively. 

The opening of the game was fairly slow. The Black Hand as able to acquire Immer as an ally.The Trolls were able to gain Zorn. Pon ultimately gains Muetar as an ally to use to its ends. From here we begin.

Zorn and Immer ended up at each other's throats in the mountainous regions between the two kingdoms. Here the Gap Castle holds the line against the Goblin hordes while under siege.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Battle Report: June 25th

New game of DIVINE RIGHT this week. The nations of Zorn, Immer and Dwarves are struggling for hegemony. Their players are yours truly, Werepuppy and, team coder OutofNod. This is just a basic game but, quite a few interesting things happened. Immer and Zorn ended up fighting right away, being neighbors. From here, we begin.

The Gap castle ended up a major flash point between Immer and Zorn, begin host to the majority of combat in Minaria so far.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Battle Report: June 17th

Another week, another game of DIVINE RIGHT. The game this week is a continuation of last week's between, Jared, Werepuppy and yours truly. With the kingdoms being, the Dwarves, Pon and Immer respectively. 

Last time, Immer utterly dominated Northern Minaria, effecting great victories against Pon with it's alliance. Near the end, Pon was focused on nursing its wounds and the Dwarves had stepped up their attacks. From here we start.