Monday, November 7, 2016

Map Tiles - First Proofs

The map tile proofs have arrived. Now we see how the illustrations, which looked great on a computer screen, translate to physical printing.
One mistake: I selected "glossy finish" for the production process. Too much light and the tiles give off a glare. Too little and the details are hard to see.
Too much light:
Too little:
Santiago and I concluded the glossy finish needs to be removed and some of the darker colors in the darker tiles need to be lightened up a bit. We're also going to make the "glass desert" (top left in the above photograph) design red tinted so it stands out from the blue ocean tiles. We'll see how the next proof goes.
In the meantime, the mountains look 3D. It's uncanny.


  1. Keep it coming. What game is this for? Can they be purchased?

    I'm the guy who'll look at hexagonal tiled floors and think what a huge game could be played on them.

  2. Hi John,

    That's very kind of thoughtful of you. This is for a personal RPG project with the provisional title "Mage Wars." There's a lot of design goals. The basic world is a post apocalyptic world with lots of broken magic machinery everywhere and biogenic species spontaneously creating new niches for themselves. Terrain and travel are meant to be important to the game, up to spells and artifacts that change terrain types.

    I was originally intending on making it for my own use, but it doesn't require very much effort at all to make it for sale over at, so now that you've expressed interest, perhaps I will - even if the rest of the game is still in development.

    There's 11 terrain types, 32 variations. I figure I could sell a map kit of 156 tiles - enough for a 15x17 map, and also sell a booster pack, 32 tiles. The former could be as expensive as $100, the ladder closer to $20.

    We'll see. The next proof is coming.