Thursday, April 7, 2016

OOOOooooo! Pretty.

So little time in the day.  Sigh.

Star Battles has a new star.  Actually, the central object that provides the gravity and the challenge of avoiding it got a makeover.  But, we could use your help.

You see, there are about a trillion possible color combinations that could go on that star, and if we randomly choose, we usually get pukey sorts.  Instead, we want to pick from an array of preselected color schemes.  The more the better.

So, here is a link to a Star Color Picker (don't go there in Chrome, they don't support the Unity Web Player scripts anymore) that will let you play with the color scheme and find an awesome looking star.  If you find one you like, take a screenshot and post it in the comments here.

Here's what it should look like when you get there:

Slide the sliders around to change the colors.  The star pops up randomly from a range that normally looks yellow/red.  But, the sliders can make it all sorts of cool.


  1. A nice blue one:

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  3. Here, a green star:

  4. Blue one is very good.

    Here is a violet star:

    Have you guys considered making the star change color as the game goes on?

    Or perhaps making the star going through its entire life cycle, from regular star through red super giant and supernova all the way to the black hole. All the while its gravity pull would change, depending on its mass.

  5. Here's some more variants: