Saturday, July 16, 2016

Divine Right is green-lighted

DevGame can now confirm that DevGame Project #6 will be the Basic Rules Divine Right computer wargame, as Alpenwolf has acquired the rights to produce Divine Right-related games, including the original wargame, from the rightsholder. The plan is to complete and release the Basic Rules version first, then add Advanced Rules and 3rd Edition Rules in the future.

Single-player mode versus AI opponents and multiplayer  modes with and without AI opponents will be included.

Castalia House also acquired the right to produce novels and RPG materials set in the world of Minaria and utilizing the Divine Right name.

The map is already well underway and is being prepared for 4k screens. The 78 custom map icons still need to be created and the XY ratio needs to be adjusted, but it is otherwise nearing completion.


  1. Very nice. I remember playing that game back when it first came out in 1979.

  2. I just heard about this from NPC Dave at The Piazza:

    Does the XY map thing mean that you are going to expand the Minaria map to the east, so that it fits onto a 16:9 TV format?

    Are you going to be making the map available to people playing tabletop games?

  3. No, we're going to be creating some empty space on which cards can be played.

    If people want to download the map and print it out, that's fine. We're not going to be printing anything for sale, though.

  4. By RPG materials does that mean CRPG or TRPG or both?

    And if TRPG is there any idea yet of whether it will be a home-brew system or use an established system through an OGL?

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  6. What happened to this project? Been hoping there would be an online version , even if no AI. Great game . I have a mint 79 print AND a 25TH year copy. Been looking for players local , no luck, hoping to see it online. If anyone has info about online version post here or contact me chrisperrien@gmail