Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Method Acting

This past weekend a couple members of the Divine Right team got together and played a game of Divine Right on Vassal. If we're lucky, it might even become a regular thing. It's a good way for everybody to get a feel for the game during pre-production and bounce ideas off each other in an informal atmosphere.

So how did I go? Well, it was me versus one of the artists and I got completely wrecked. 100% blow out. I made basically every mistake available while my opponent played competently and got a couple good early rolls. The upshot is I need to learn the rules of the game better so I can exploit my options more. And this is good, because now I'm motivated to understand the rules.

I'll have my revenge!

As composer and artist we're also thinking about the pacing and vibe of the game as revealed through play, and how it informs our art and music. I don't have any particular insights yet, but this the kind of thing that doesn't always occur through a conscious process. In a way, we're just sort of living and breathing the game outside of development hours. It's a bit like method acting.

I am become Eater of Wisdom.

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