Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The new SJW front

Having lost the #GamerGate battle, SJWs in the game industry are now "resisting fascism". One guess as to how they define fascism?
Resist Jam Info

It’s time to make games, resist fascism, and meet some friends along the way.

Resist Jam is an online game jam themed around resisting fascism in all its forms, organized by a group of experienced game developers. Our objective is to get as many people making games as possible, with online workshops before the jam and around-the-clock support from expert mentors in all fields of game development. Diverse and inclusive gamedev is the best gamedev.

We’re pushing positive change to make the world a better place.

We want to empower people to resist fascism through the power of interactive media. Not everyone can march, or be a figurehead of a movement, but we can all find ways to resist the oppressive hegemonic fascism that pervades modern society. This is one of them.

Upon completion of the jam, we plan on providing the games on itch.io through a pay-what-you-want bundle, with all proceeds split between a number of global and US-based charities. Fascism is a global issue and our giving should reflect that.

Here’s what you need to know.

DATES: The game jam will run between March 3rd and March 11th - right between GDC and SXSW.
WHERE: Online. We’re using itch.io’s excellent game jam hosting system, with support from itch.io staff.
GAMES: We’re aiming to support at least two hundred participants, and are encouraging jammers to create games about diverse and nuanced topics.
QUESTIONS: Direct all your questions to Damon (de@coy.ninja) or
Tyler (tyler@retoragames.com)
Get ready for GG Round 2.


  1. Hmm, time to get Diversity Poker on Vassal.

  2. i don't see where they actually bother defining 'Fascism'?

    i mean, you can INFER a few things about what they mean by inverting the positions they actually do advocate:
    "resisting fascism in all its forms
    Diverse and inclusive gamedev is the best gamedev
    We’re pushing positive change to make the world a better place
    oppressive hegemonic fascism that pervades modern society

    so, Fascist gamedevs would be characterized as
    divisive and judgmental? while simultaneously having MANY FORMS?

    who pervade Modern Society?

    who are attempting 'Negative change' to make the world a worse place?

    there's no intellectual engagement at any level. it's simply emoting and assumption that everyone else should subjugate their own critical abilities to the people screeching 'FASCIST'!

    1. It's amusing to see how much closer they are with the actual crackpot conspiracy theorists. "Fascist game designers are everywhere and in control of everything! They think as one! Their only goal is to antagonize us!"

      Might as well just replace "fascist game designers" with The Jesuits or something.

    2. Their method of persuasion is to manipulate your emotions. That's why they become enraged when they encounter anyone who resists having their emotions manipulated. I've noticed that even if you might agree with them about certain points in their platform, (I thought Bernie Sanders deserved a hearing even though I'm not a socialist), they still get just as enraged if they *feel* like you've not been psychologically and emotionally "converted."

  3. So, develop a new Castle Wolfenstein?

    Why just "resist fascism" when you can shoot literal Nazis?

  4. They're going to make a Super Bowl 2017 where the Falcons win every. Single. Time.

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  6. These guys are already on the case

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  8. It would be interesting to gather a few crimsonmedicated gamedevs, infiltrate the Jam and then release a secret code that adds mockery to the whole experience, just to fuck with them.

    PS: deleted previous comment because I wanted to enable email notifications for following comments.

  9. Well, I am certainly honored! I didn't think I'd get replies at all.

    I am a beginner at code and art. Done silly things on love2d in the past, I think I've got all the basics pat down. Since the Resist Jam starts on March 3rd, I will be able to participate in another jam previous (the love2d jam, starting the 18th of Feb and lasting 3 days) and then others will be able to see the extent of my experience.

    If by then nobody better at my stuff shows up, I'll do it.

    If you think the idea is interesting enough and know of anybody that would think the same, share it around, privately if possible. I'll attempt to do so, too.

    1. Find me at jfburrellmusic at gmail dot com also Jaredburrell dot com

  10. Today I thought all this reminds of McCarthyism. They are looking for a label that can demonize and destroy a people, this seems to be the main nebulous goal of "resisting fascist".

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  12. Find me at jfburrellmusic at gmail dot com also Jaredburrell dot com.


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