Monday, May 22, 2017

Battle Report: May 21st

Minaria is in flames this week, with not one but, two different games. The first, is a BASIC game between Jared, DR team producer Spudbox and, myself. With the player kingdoms being Zorn, Rombune and, Mivior respectively. The second is the epic conclusion to the ADVANCED game last fought on the 6th of May, between Jared's Shucassam, Werepuppy's Pon and, my own Mivior.

Game One

In this Minaria, Zorn, Rombune and, Mivior struggle for supremacy. Things start as they usually do with armies being consolidated and allies recruited. In the early phases, Mivior managed to ally the Kingdom of Shucassam. Whereas Rombune took several turns before they were able to ally Hothior giving them a rough naval parity with Mivior. Zorn is eventually able to make allies with their southern neighbors the Muetarians.

Early military moves had the Miviorines gather their forces for an attack on the capital of Rombune, Golkus. Landing both their regular expeditionary units and those of their ally, Shucassam.

Despite skirmishes on the island and a significant battle just outside the castle itself, the Rombuni retreat to their citadel in Golkus. 

To the east, Shucassam's land army moves east to Rombune's coastal territory. 

Apart from the conflict raging in the sea of drowning men, Zorn's forces ominiously push south towards Shucassam. 

Back at the Miviorine-Rombuni conflict, Rombune decides to counterattack. Rombuni forces sidestep the Shucassami regulars in the south and, lay siege to Zefnar on the sea. 

They also use their Hothiorian allies to strike at the capital of Mivior further east, with the Hothiorian navy preventing resupply from the sea. 

The counterattack also includes a diplomatic element. Rombune's diplomatic core succeeding in dropping Shucassam from Mivior's alliance, breaking the siege of Golkus. 

The campaigning season is almost half over and, things have just gotten started. Rombune managed to turn aside Miviorine attacks on its territory and gain the initiative with its counter attack on Mivior and it's allies. In the west, despite Shucassam's deactivation it looks like the Zornite alliance is going to continue with it's invasion of the Kingdom. There are still many moves to be made and only time will tell who will ultimately be the victor. 

Game Two

Last time, Shucassam, Mivior and Pon fought for supremacy across Minaria. Shucassam was on the offensive in a major way and was threatening both Hothior and Pon with their forces. All the while Pon had managed to plunder several of Shucassam's castles, while the latter's forces where deployed elsewhere in Minaria. Mivior started on a desperate invasion of Muetar, to attempt to achieve some form of gains against theirs rivals before the onset of winter. From here, we begin.

In Muetar, the recently declared siege against Plibba on the Plain succeeds on the first attack with the Miviorine alliance overwhelming the castle's garrison. 

To the south, Pon is able to take both Khuzdul and Jipols just south of it. Adding many more victory points to their score. 

Further north, Ponese aligned mercenaries and barbarians push the Mivior-aligned Rombuni besiegers from Beolon. Then then begin their own siege of the unfortunate town. 

Following the above, ally-rich Shucassam elects to duel Pon's ambassador at their southern fortress of Heap in the Hills, unfortunately perishing in the attempt. 

Immer flees into the arms of the Miviorine alliance after Shucassam and it's allies invade, laying siege to both Altarr and the Gap Castle. Their king heads to the Temple of Kings to undergo a Test of the Gods. The Immerite monarch succeeds in being granted the Helm of Wisdom by the gods of Minaria, enhancing his skill as leader of men.

Then, immediately riding to the relief of Altarr they make an attack on the besiegers. The battle is a victory for the Immerians but, a minor one. The elves took little in the way of losses. On the following turn the Shucassami allied forces make their attack on Altarr....

...and plunder it!

Meanwhile in southern Pon, Shucassami allied forces overwhelm the castle of Heap in the Hills, with yet more treasure added to the kingdom's hidden treasuries. 

Shucassam then makes a sneak attack on the Miviorine forces besieging Pennol on the Lake using their magician allies. The Reflector, one of the magicks at the command of the Eaters of Wisdom, summons an army of mirror-doppelgangers to do battle with Mivior's regulars. The battle goes poorly for the Miviorines, the king having joined the greater part of the army in death, preventing any possible Miviorine victory. 

Game over man, game over.
In the end, Shucassam far and away wins the game. Albeit their victory is somewhat Pyrrhic, Shucassam having been entirely plundered over the course of this war. Pon also lies in smoldering ruin, despite their gains. Mivior falls into confusion following the death of their monarch, even if their cities remain intact. Shucassam having attained hegemony, Minaria is at last at peace. 

Final Score

Jared - Shucassam - 190 Victory Points
Werepuppy - Pon - 90 Victory Points
HereAndNow - Mivior - 35 Victory Points


This session of DIVINE RIGHT the main thing that stood out was how a player's alliance effected their ability to acquire victory points. Ultimately in the game above Jared was able to use his massive forces to good advantage but, often he struggled to find targets. The fact that having a large alliance can effect your ability to acquire victory points adds a nice dynamic balance to the game. As being too strong can mean that you cannot actually apply that force. Not to mention how the shape of an alliance can effect it's ability to both attack and defend itself. That, and more allies means there are more points of failure for an alliance, making it's campaigns vulnerable to the diplomatic efforts of the other alliances. 

Otherwise though, there's still a lot that we haven't been able to do with the ADVANCED game of DR, I hope to try a few more of the special units and abilities in subsequent games. Hopefully, I can use them to greater advantage next time(rather than lose to Jared again). Keeping that in mind, it's not over yet.

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