Monday, May 8, 2017

Battle Report: May 6th

The monarchs of Minaria again strive for what is their DIVINE RIGHT. We actually had two games this weekend but, the first just needs a few more turns to make an interesting write-up. It had an interesting start though, so it's just a matter of time. Otherwise, there is the continuation of the game from the past few weeks. Between Were-puppy's Pon, Jared's Shucassam and, my Mivior the war continues. 

Last game, Pon was able to achieve several key sieges in both the Dwarven kingdom of Ghem and Shucassam. All the while, Mivior and Shucassam fought fruitlessly to a stalemate in the western half of the continent. Things are coming down to the wire and Pon is far in the lead in victory points but, things aren't over yet. There can still be an upset.

Things started in the north with the complete elimination of the Dwarven contingent from Aws Noir by the Miviorian-aligned Cannibals. The Shucassami-aligned Wildmen then go for the attack and both sides take heavy losses. The Neuthian stalemate continues.  

In northern Pon, the almost 4 month long siege of Crow's Nest continues. Another attack is made....

....and it is taken by Shucassam!

Around the Stone Face far to the west, the Shucassami-aligned Muetarian and Elvish forces eliminate a small force of Miviorine regulars around the Troll home territories. 

Far to the southeast, Hamahara dies of it's wounds following a battle with Rombuni zealots just shy of the ominous Altars of Graystaff.

Meanwhile, major figures of the Invisible school of Thaumaturgy decide to throw in their lot with Shucassam. Their powerful magicks are now at the command of the desert kingdom. 

Later the forces of Pon renew their siege of Khuzdul, spreading out to frustrate the efforts of the Shucassami Lepers to disrupt it. 

Following the Dry mountains to the south, Pon's mercenaries also lay siege to Shucassam's outpost of Jipols. 

Far to the east, The victorious Shucassami forces lay siege to Fortress Marzarbol, the capital of Pon. 

In the west, Shucassam succeeds in taking the small fort of Tadafat in northern Hothior by sheer numbers. 

Far to the north, the Neuthian stalemate resolves itself. The Cannibals and Wildmen annihilate each other within the thick forests. Ider Bolis will be unassailable for the remainder of the campaign season, Mivior's gambit there failed. 

It's coming down to the wire. Shucassam is severely threatening both Mivior's Hothiorian allies and the Ponese capital of Marzarbol. Mivior has marshaled it's forces and is now making it's way through the Shucassami ally of Muetar sieging in a mad dash for victory points. Pon, relatively isolated in the south, may in fact solidify its lead on it's larger rivals with the sieges of Khuzdul and Jipols. In the end, it could be anybody's game.


While the ultimate victor has yet to be determined, it looks like it is going to be neck and neck contest between Were-puppy/Pon and Jared/Shucassam. Jared having used his military might to greater effect this session, taking several castles. I have four turns to catch up myself.

There really isn't much to say this week but, I think something that would be good to note is that castles held by a player really don't matter much when it comes to victory points. Only those sieged from their rivals and their rival's allies count towards a player's score. This makes them means rather than ends for the purposes of the game. Something to be denied to another player if possible(particularly if it is the capital of a player or player ally) but, nothing that will help you win alone. To do that you've got to go on the offense.

Four turns or 10 weeks remain in the Minarian campaigning season. Shucassam and Pon find themselves almost tied when it comes to victory points. Mivior lies in a distant third. Things are still up in the air and, it's not over yet.

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