Monday, June 12, 2017

Battle Report: June 10th

Just a new quick game of DIVINE RIGHT this week. Just three players this week. Jared, Werepuppy and yours truly play as the Dwarves, Pon and, Immer respectively.

From here, we begin.

Early on, Pon's diplomatic efforts were hamstrung by the death of their ambassador. Who had angered the northern tribes he had hoped to recruit from and, suffered the consequences. Despite this, the Ponese diplomatic corps managed to ally themselves with the goblins weeks prior. Around the same time, Immer had managed to gain Muetar as an ally, making the two human kingdom's roughly equal in power.

Thus the epic Immer-Pon conflicts begin. After King Euwint of Immer took the test of the gods and recieved the wand of healing.  The Immerian royal army makes it's way to the Choked in Snow pass and, attacks an unforunate unit adjacent to it's position.

They are victorious.

Pon decides to use it's goblin forces against Muetar instead of taking the fight straight to Immer.

The Muetarian royal army decides to put a stop this however, and pushes north against the Zornite invaders.

The southern goblin army is defeated and the siege of Basimar is broken. The goblin king however, escaped both death and capture. 

Meanwhile back in the north, Immer pushed to the Zorn capital of The Pits and, manages to overwhelm the defenders with the help of barbarian auxiliaries. The barbarians took their plunder and left but, the victory still goes to Immer.

Muetar's massed army continues its rampage against the invaders, taking out a smaller Ponese army in the vicinity of Groat.

Uncowed by the recent victories of the Immer scum, the Zornite royal army decides to attack the victorious Immerian royal army just outside the plundered ruins of the Pits. The battle ends in a shattering defeat for the goblins, Immer remains supreme in the north.

Meanwhile, Immer acquired both Shucassam and the maritime kingdom of Mivior as allies. While Pon had recently gained the help of Hothior in their struggles. This meant an immediate invasion of Hothior by both Shucassm and Mivior was in the cards. Castle Lapspell is placed under siege by the Shucassamite Army.

Further west, Port Lork is just a week or so away from complete encirclement.

In the end, Immer looks to have completely dominated this session. Pon having taken large losses in the course of their struggle with the northern kingdom. This weakness is then further exploited by both Immer and the Dwarves. Who had largely played on the sidelines in the conflicts this session. Although, they played their cards well. The siege of Lone Wirzor is currently ongoing. That and the Dwarves seems to be about ready to pounce upon Crow's Nest. That being said, things are just getting started, fortunes may yet change. 


This session was really easy for me because, I got a lot of really good rolls and I didn't have to change my plans that much. Reducing Werepuppy's military strength was my first goal, if only so I could siege castles more easily. Sieges may be king but, if you can reduce your opponent's military strength you can greatly improve your chances of winning and maintaining a siege. As there will be no meddling enemy forces to get in your way.

Speaking of sieges, splitting up your forces can be dangerous in DIVINE RIGHT and, I was able to exploit this to a great extent in this game. Although it can be a great help particularly when it comes to preventing escape, like with the first attack of the Muetarian royal army above. Even if the stack had retreated, Muetar could have still attacked because it still had forces adjacent of anywhere the enemy stack could retreat to. 

I think all of the team are getting better at the strategy involved in DIVINE RIGHT. Most of my success this time was probably due to a nice succession of die rolls as other players had some sound strategies.  It'll be nice to see how things play out in future games because, like always, it's not over yet.

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