Monday, June 5, 2017

Battle Report: June 6th

Minaria Awaits, in a another game of DIVINE RIGHT. There were two games last weekend but, I am going to focus on just one. This game is a continuation of the ADVANCED one from last week. Elfland, Hothior, Pon and the Eaters of Wisdom, are played by lastRedoubt, Werepuppy, Jared and yours truly, respectively. 

In the last game, lastRedoubt was on a major tear as Rombune, forming a grand alliance with Shucassam and Muetar. Unfortunately, Rombune's monarch died after being chased down by Hamahara the Air Dragon, while fleeing from an unsuccessful campaign in Hothior. Losing his first kingdom lastRedoubt rejoined as Elfland. Hothior, weakened following their conflict with Rombune, now faces an invasion from the Eaters of Wisdom. Who have begun to siege their northern fortress of Tadafat. To the east, Pon is slowly coming together, their plans are still indeterminate however. From here we continue. 

Taking advantage of the weakness of Hothior, the Eaters put Tadafat to the siege.....

....and take it!

Yet in the north, the Hothior-aligned Zorn goblins ominously amass against the Gap Castle, in the Eater-aligned Immer. 

Despite their deactivation, Hothior decides on a campaign in Shucassam, sieging the capital and reactivating the kingdom. Unfortunately Pon-aligned barbarians make an attack on Hamahara in the north, with the Ghost Riders preventing any retreat. 

Hamahara falls and the siege is broken. 

To the east, the Ponese ursuper who came to power in Rombune lends his strength to a siege of Castle Lapspell. 

Just a little to the east, the eaters make ready to siege Port Lork, which they cannot do without seapower. So this positioning is useless at present. 

Out in the east, Pon begins its campaign against the Elfland-aligned Dwarves to the east. 

This first battle is a minor victory for Pon. 

Elfland also begins a campaign into Eater-aligned Immer, while the majority of the Eater's forces are occupied to the south. Here they start their siege of Lone Wirzor in northwest Immer. 

Which is then promptly taken. 

Minaria is full of activity this session with several ongoing campaigns. Hothior being attacked on two sides by both Rombune and the Eaters. Pon's slow advancement into the eastern dwarven mountains. This is in addition to the two headed assault on Immer, by Elfland and the Hothior-aligned goblins. Hothior is far ahead in victory points from it's capture of the former king of Rombune but, with all the sieges being conducted, the gap could close very quickly.


Perhaps the most interesting take away in this session, is the role of retreat in the game. Most combat allows for the retreat of the defender. The likelihood of combat varies based on the race and magic ability of the unit counter in question. Non-humans like elves and goblins can retreat slightly more easily than humans. Magic units like the Eaters of Wisdom will almost always retreat, provided they don't roll a one on their retreat die roll. Air units have an added ability to retreat into the air. Which basically means they can avoid combat but, still occupy the same hex. While typical strategies against this possibility usually consist of various ways of surrounding/trapping a unit. The Ghost Riders are unique, in that they entirely prevent the retreat of enemy units and, thus give an attacking player a one hundred percent chance of combat. Just another layer of strategy in this game.

Nothing really conclusive happen this session. Although a lot of things are just starting to happen. It's definitely not over yet.


  1. How soon before the game will be available for purchase?

  2. It will be some time. We're pretty active on gab @hereandnow @composer for updates.

    Certainly more than a year I think.

  3. UGGGH. The anticipation is killing me, but you guys are doing a great job.

  4. I should at least post up some of the music so people can hear it.