Monday, June 19, 2017

Battle Report: June 17th

Another week, another game of DIVINE RIGHT. The game this week is a continuation of last week's between, Jared, Werepuppy and yours truly. With the kingdoms being, the Dwarves, Pon and Immer respectively. 

Last time, Immer utterly dominated Northern Minaria, effecting great victories against Pon with it's alliance. Near the end, Pon was focused on nursing its wounds and the Dwarves had stepped up their attacks. From here we start. 

Immer's allies having begun their invasion of Hothior now besiege the two southern castles of Port Lork and Lapspell.

To the north, Immer attempts to break the siege of Lone Wirzor by attacking the Dwarven stack to its north. 

The Dwarves take this as an opportunity to counter attack the Immerian royal army, utilizing the Khosian Ghost Riders to prevent retreat. 

This ultimately results in the death of King Euwint of Immer. This ejects Immer's monarch from the domination wars and dissolves the Immerian alliance(So I'm kicked out of the game for now:(  ).

To the south, Pon-aligned barbarians engage in a siege of the southern city of Jipols in Shucassam. 

In Pon proper, the Dwarves besiege the capital, Fortress Marzarbol. On the second siege attack....

....they take it!

Pon is not cowed however, and manages to take a castle of their own out in the Dwarve's remote eastern territory.

This was a short session this week. Immer was completely demolished in game but, the game allows for the return of ejected players. So I was able to return as the sea kingdom of Mivior. Which is then promptly invaded by Hothior and Rombune, both aligned to Pon. Revenge is a dish is best served cold, especially after the last session. Overall the Dwarves have the advantage in both victory points and military power, after both their sieges and killing of Euwint of Immer. Pon is second but, is very weak in the east following their losses last session. Mivior is dead last and, on the edge of defeat with their capital currently under siege. There can still be reversals however, only time will tell the winner.


Not really much to say about this game, the session was kind of short. The operative lesson being, protect your player monarch at all costs(a lesson I am starting to learn very well). That being said, it can be a bad thing to be too conservative in strategy with this game. Although, never forget, it's not over yet. 

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