Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Battle Report: July 16th

Alright after a brief hiatus last week, we have another battle report this week. Where Aerospyke, Jared, Werepuppy and, yours truly vie for the dominance of Minaria through our avatars. Who are the monarchs of the Dwarven kingdom, Zorn, Mivior and, the Elvish kingdom. From here, we begin.

In the far northern reaches of the great forest of Neuth, the Elves move against the Dwarves at their outpost of Aws Noir.

Things were calm for the next few weeks as the kingdoms maneuvered and plotted against each other. The Dwarves decided on an ill fated campaign in then Zorn-aligned Muetar, leading their forces in an attack on the forces camped outside of Basimar.

The battle turned out to be a slight loss for the Dwarves but, King Usshin of the Dwarves died in the battle. The Dwarve's play at hegemony ends here.

What follows from that fateful day, is more maneuvering between the three major powers of Minaria. Where Elfland is able to add Muetar to it's alliance thanks to diplomatic maneuvering. What follows is an all attack on Muetar's capital, by Zorn-aligned forces, to eliminate the middle kingdom as a threat.

Meantime, Mivior and it's allies nibble away at another elvish ally, laying siege to Castle Lapspell. 

The defenses fall quickly under their combined assault and the castle is plundered.  


Back in Muetar, the kingdom's regulars make an assault of one of the large goblin stacks making their way through the countryside of the kingdom. Unfortunaately, the battle is aloss and many die. 

With the majority of goblin aligned forces being occupied in Muetar,  Elfland elects to siege Lone Wirzor in Northern Immer.

In Hothior, the Miviorines continue their campaign through the country eventually coming to siege Port Lork.

Things aren't looking better at Pennol on the Lake. Muetarian survivors of the previous battle attempt to attack on one of Pennol's besieging stacks.

The battle is ultimately a stalemate but, with both sides taking heavy losses it can be considered a loss for Muetar.

In the next few weeks, the siege of Pennol on the Lake succeeds. The goblin hordes break into the castle and slaughter the garrison. Emperor Herrott however, eludes the goblin's mercenaries amidst the catacombs of the city. Muetar is defeated but, not beaten.

Things are in flux in Minaria. The Elves are currently on the run with the failures in Muetar, the loss of Pennol being a major defeat. Not to mention heavy losses from ill fated battles. The goblins currently lead in victory points but, it looks like the Miviorines are working on catching up. It could be anyone's game.


Not much to add here that hasn't already been said but, I think we're really starting to understand the strategies involved in the game. I didn't see Jared's attack on Pennol coming. Even then I took advantage of it to get an siege in northern Immer. There's a bit more thinking to be done for sure. Until then though, it's not over yet.

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