Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Battle Report: July 22nd

Again we come to Minaria. This week is actually a continuation from the July 1st game, between lastRedoubt, Jared, and yours truly. Who are playing as, the Trolls, Pon and, the Black Hand respectively. 

Last time, Pon was far and ahead in the lead in both power and victory points. They count both Shucassam and Muetar as their allies. The Trolls were second in power but, had allied themselves with Zorn and Hothior. The Black Hand is last, having lost allies left and right, including Shucassam and Immer. From here, we begin. 

Zorn was a major area of operations for the Black Hand. The goblins technically have a slight numerical advantage but, the summoning of the "colossus" from the fallen of a recent battle gave the wizard an advantage in combat.

To the south, the Trolls attempt a siege of Zefnar with their allies.

Unfortunately the besiegers are driven from the walls thanks to the order of the lepers and incoming barbarians. 

Up north, recent victories in Zorn by the Black Hand allow the siege of "The Pits" to take place. 

Out east, Pon elects to bring the fight to the Dwarves, laying siege to the fortress of Alzak.

Back in Zorn, the Trolls with the ghost riders, take out Ogsbogg the ogre.

Unfortunately, not everything is going well on the Trollish side of things as they elect to abandon their siege of Zefnar.

Subsequently, not all of the Hothiorians made it out from the siege. 

Only a quarter of the campaigning season remains. This looks to be Pon's game, they alone have uncontested sieges and victory points. Whereas, the Trolls and the Black Hand endlessly drain each other's power in near even combat. That being said, a lot can still happen. 


This session what struck me most was how the random events could effect plans in progress and the like. Just about every player this game got the "Bad Omens" event that paralyzes a player-aligned kingdom during a turn, preventing it from sieging or attacking. This prevented me from using Ogsbogg in the siege of the Pits and, affected the sieges of the other players as well. It is interesting to note how randomized events can end up obstructing entire possibilities in game. I might have been able to capture the pits on siege roll and take out the goblin army in one fell swoop but, it was not to be. Not the best game I've ever had, even so, it's not over yet. 

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