Monday, July 3, 2017

Battle Report: July 1st

Another week of war in the world of Minaria. This week is a three way struggle between the kingdoms of the Trolls, Pon and the Black Hand. Who are played by special guest lastRedoubt, Jared and, yours truly respectively. 

The opening of the game was fairly slow. The Black Hand as able to acquire Immer as an ally.The Trolls were able to gain Zorn. Pon ultimately gains Muetar as an ally to use to its ends. From here we begin.

Zorn and Immer ended up at each other's throats in the mountainous regions between the two kingdoms. Here the Gap Castle holds the line against the Goblin hordes while under siege.

The Immerian royal army works swiftly to relieve the siege Attacking the northern Goblin formation, they cause significant losses.

As a means of counter attack, the Black Hand's main forces along with some recently recruited barbarians make their way to the Zornite capital of "the Pits" and place it under siege.

The initial counter attack from the Goblins causes the Black hand a temporary retreat, causing a temporary break of the siege. 

A combination of magic, barbarians and the undead regulars of the lord of Zards causes...

...heavy losses to the goblin army. 

Meanwhile at the Black Hand's Tower, the Troll had managed to summon the Ghost Riders of Khos and brought them to it's vicinity. After much conflict with the guardian demon of Zards, they exorcise it.

Zorn isn't done yet though, using the recently arrived Ghost Riders they attack the barbarian interlopers to the north. This attack unfortunately results in a minor loss for them.  

Meanwhile, Shucassam having recently joined the alliance of the Black Hand faces the combined forces of both Muetar and Pon in the south of its own kingdom.

Ultimately they decide to take shelter in the capital of Adeese against the overwhelming enemy forces.

The combined forces of Muetar and Pon elect to besiege the capital of the kingdom. Unfortunately, Pon was able to trick mercenaries in its employ to sacrifice themselves at the Altars of Greystaff. Pon uses this to summon a massive firestorm on Adeese and it's surroundings. 

Early in the cataclysm the king of Shucassam is killed. 

The garrison also takes heavy losses in the conflagration. 

If this weren't enough, the Troll's Hothiorian allies siege the port of Zefnar in western Shucassam.

In the end, the major power this session is Pon, with the Trolls as a near second. Pon is the only kingdom to earn victory points this session (due to the death of the king of Shucassam). The Black Hand is far reduced from its height with the loss of both Shucassam and its initial allies of Immer. There is still half a campaigning season in Minaria however, there can be no conclusions just yet. 


This session it was interesting to note how the magical parts of the ADVANCED game affected the strategies employed. Like how Jared's Pon managed to use the Altars of Greystaff to completely steamroll Shucassam. The Trolls used the Khosian Ghost Riders to good effect, stripping away the magical guardian of the tower of Zards. Ironically, magic ended up working against the Black Hand this session, despite the creatures under his command. It is interesting to note how the in game magical items and effects can create strengths and make up for weaknesses. 

Not sure when and if this game will continue. There is still much to be learned from playing it. Afterall, it's not over yet. 

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