Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Superb Tribute to a Classic Cover

We wanted to pay homage to the original design, but allow the talented artist freedom to interpret the piece in his style. Respecting the work of the original while making appropriate enhancements is foundational to the Divine Right Classic Collector's Edition. The Classic Collector's Edition will be a limited edition of 500 copies of the boxed game utilizing the rules from the second TSR edition of November 1979 which incorporates the first edition errata published in Dragon magazine. After the Classic Collector's Edition is released, a crowdfunding campaign will be conducted in support of the new edition of Divine Right wargame as well as an associated RPG, novels set in Minaria, and lorebooks.


  1. A brilliant interpretation of the original art, in my opinion. While I do like OSR titles that bring in Erol Otus or feature work in the very 1970's style, I think this is more appropriate to a wargames market, too.

  2. This is epic.

    Glad to see this awesome game reprinted.

  3. Is there a mailing list to join, so we can be notified when the crowdfunding starts?

  4. Vox added a few details on his main blog.

    How to purchase:
    "It's going to be a limited edition product that can be preordered, but not until we're ready to produce them. No crowdfunding."

    "It's too soon to say. But these sorts of games usually go between 100-150."

  5. If not "crowdfunding" this, will still be advantageous I think to create a similar marketing mini-site for this with art, descriptions, etc. and most importantly, an email harvesting bot so when the pre-order payment account is finally established, those of us who remember the original and can't wait to have this can commit early so we don't accidentally forget or miss it!