Thursday, March 10, 2016

A game that never was

A Russian fan dug out an old preview of Rebel Moon Revolution from a Polish magazine called Secret Service:
Games being shown lately are not entirely original. They are usually more clones of Command & Conquer or Quake. No different is the game freshly announced by GT Interactive on Friday, Rebel Moon Revolution, which will expand the circle of FPS:

Rebel Moon Revolution is the third part of the successful Rebel Moon series, although in this case the title is to be fully adequate to what we see on the monitors. First of all, the game will be based on the new graphic engine, which according to the developers will be able to easily compete with the Quake 2 engine. In general, the people in the RMR in the statements repeatedly compare their work with the boys from ID Software, claiming that their project will be qualitatively similar to the king, and in some respects, even better! Hard to believe, but hopefully it will be.

However, not graphics, and the layer itself merits a place in the forefront of RMR games of this genre. This time we will no longer participate in the senseless butchery, where we murdered everything all around, not knowing who were victims, and what otherwise. The RMR this issue will be explained at the beginning of the game by using eye-catching intros. Not only that, all missions will be linked for each thread feature, which in the opinion of the authors will allow for a better empathy in the form of a hero. Levels to beat will be about 16, perfectly designed and divided into squad action. On each board has a swarm of opponents who use excellent artificial intelligence algorithms written specifically for the game. To make the player's chances more equal, the player will be able to benefit from the impressive arsenal of weapons: grenades, mines, machine guns, lasers and plasma.

RMR promises to be a great title, and if the producers fulfill their promises, they will undoubtedly make a name for themselves.
Sadly, that never happened, as GT Interactive imploded and took down Fenris Wolf with it. A few screen shots remain, including this one of a rescue mission. One thing important to understand about game development is that for every game that is ever finished and shipped, there are probably ten more that fail at some step of the process from initial conception to what we used to call gold master.

As it happens, Rebel Moon Revolution was doomed from the moment that we signed with GT. But that doesn't mean that we couldn't have made different choices that might have allowed the game to survive the implosion of the publisher.

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