Friday, March 4, 2016

DEVGAME in Develop

It was great to see an article about the DevGame game development course in the Develop Magazine GDC issue. Develop is one of the best magazines in the game industry. I've read it for years, I've contributed to it, and I highly recommend it to everyone who either works in the industry or is interested in doing so.

It's a nice article and I hope that many budding game developers will see it and consider taking the course. But I have to admit, I would have preferred it if, instead of wasting space with a picture of me, they had utilized a screen shot of one of the games being developed by the attendees, such as Elveteka, which is an updated fantasy remake of the Apple II classic Karateka.

The current DEVGAME session features five attendee projects:
  • Elveteka
  • Star Battles
  • Krag Vargenstone
  • G-Strike
  • Penguin Pete: The Fastest Snowball at the South Pole

Several of those working on the projects will be contributing to this blog and discussing some of the things they've learned in both the course proper and from their hands-on experience of working as part of a dev team. In addition to the attendee projects, one of the attendees was accepted as an intern on Game Brain, which is a game trivia game currently in development with Alpenwolf.

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