Saturday, March 12, 2016

The magic of the background image

Tim recently sent me the background image for Penguin Pete. I find the results to be greatly satisfying. After hours of  staring monotonously at the same placeholder background for hours on end, I find the change in visual appeal to be quite pleasurable.

One drag-and-drop has never done so much for me. This minor change immensely helps me to better envision the end result of the game. There's plenty of work still to be completed, but this feels like a large step toward the finalization of Penguin Pete.


  1. Something interesting about graphics is that the more detailed the graphics, the more you have to do than just drag-and-drop if you want it to continue looking good.

    1. For sure. That's one reason why I like doing this game in particular. The art and animations still have to be there, but the theme is designed to be silly and fun. This saves a lot of time on my end because I'm not integrating complicated artwork.

    2. I think the fast game play is a big part of that as well. While I was playing it, I didn't notice how simple the seal graphics were.

      It wasn't until the blubberous demons were crisscrossing over my ghostly penguin-self that I actually noticed they were simple shapes with gradients and faces. I'm not a fan of the birds either. I can't figure out how to hit them with snowballs at all. They are a death sentence when they come across my level.

  2. For what it's worth, here's what my work area on Elveteka looks like right now:

  3. Not gonna lie, I've downloaded the Web Build folder of Penguin Pete a couple of times and have played it. I liked it even before I figured out how to use the sword. That helps with the seals. Unfortunately, it is the kind of game that I'm terrible at, so that kind of stinks. My kids love it though, but they don't get to play too many video games.

    I loved the background image change as well. It makes the whole thing look suddenly soooo much better. It was a little magic.

    Now, if I could just get better reaction time to stab those filthy seals...