Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Title!

My digital painting skills are improving, but they're still not terrific.

There is more to this title than a still image can show, though. There is parallax. And fading. Other things need to fade.  I should also redo the trees to allow more parallax. And maybe I should just remove the pencils.

In any case, I think I shall take a short break from the title screen. I think my programmer would like an orc. A nice, waddling orc. Yes. That is exactly what he wants.

Ah, yes. Thomas Davidsmeier left me a nice comment. Like so:

Third time I've tried to leave this comment. I'm not exactly covering myself with technical glory here.
I am replying to you in a blog post because I gave up after three tries. I'm incapable of admitting my own shortcomings, so I'm going to blame Blogger for this.

The point I've tried to make twice before was that I thought the posture of the wolf head might look better if you tip it back and pin the ears back against the "neck."
In short, a 'howling at the moon' pose. I agree. It would even be more 'krag' -like. But I also wanted the road to go into the wolf's mouth, with the teeth being plausibly (just barely plausibly) stalactites and stalagmites.

I'm still not sure I can't get the effect I want with the howling pose. But painting that foreground was a day's work (I am not, as I have said, the best of painters), so I'm going to add 'trying different poses' to the 'do if there's time after everything essential is done' list. Unless our Fearless Leader says otherwise.


  1. Digital painting can be a huge black hole for time. That wretched undo button is a blessing and a curse, as is the ability to delete and insert layers to "fix" things.

    I'd love to see a gif of the parallax or motion you might have...

  2. The little not-animation is quite good. It has a dark and spooky feel to it; one can almost hear the wolf howl in the distance.

    My advice: darken the white of the eye so the head looks more like a natural formation and stroke the text with black so it pops more. Otherwise, don't mess with it; the thrown-back head might look more castle-like, but this works as it is.